Squash: Winter


These squash bring on those fall feels.


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Butterscotch - like butternut, but smaller, their compact vines save space and their fruits are perfect for 1-2 servings. 


Delicata - the no-peel squash! 


Spaghetti - known for its stringy insides that look like spaghetti. 


Stella Blue Kubocha - blue on the outside and tender, nutty orange on the inside, these actually make a great "pumpkin" pie. Roast and use in your favorite recipe.


Winter Luxury Pumpkin - perfectly shaped and sized orange and the traditional favorite for pumpkin pie. They look pretty and taste great!


Montana Jack Pumpkin - This jack-o-lantern is often orange in mid-August from an early June transplanting! 


One seedling in a 2.5" pot.


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