Peppers: Extreme


These are the kind that you'll want to handle with gloves and not touch your eyes until your hands are thoroughly washed. Maybe just wait a day. 


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Ghost Bhut Jolokia - (140day) Scoville Heat Units 855,000 – 1,041,427 - This landrace pepper is from India and is named after the Indian Cobra. It doesn’t take many ghost peppers to spice up a Pot of Chilli!


Ghost Bhut Jolokia Purple-


Ghost Bhut Jolokia White-


Trinidad 7 Pot White- (120day)Scoville Heat Units - A rare and extremely hot pepper which originates from Trinidad. CARDI (Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute) plays a key role in the development of the Caribbean regional hot pepper industry. This CARDI strain was created in an effort to standardize and improve the Yellow Scorpion Pepper for industry.


Trinidad Scorpion Red-


Trinidad Scorpion Yellow Caribbean-


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