10 weeks of Mile High Fungi mushrooms (5 oz.) grown in Conifer, CO


Mushroom varieties will roate through Shiitake, Chestnut, Oyster, King Trumpet and Lion's Mane.


Mushroom Bi-Weekly Share

  • Pick up Thursdays 3pm - 6pm at the farm:

    13300 West 2nd Place Lakewood, CO 80228


    Pick ups start May 28th, 2020.

  • Payment is not available online at this time.


    To complete your order, you could stop by the farm, call Jana or Sonya in our finanical department at 303-982-0429, or drop Josh an email: Joshua.Olsen@jeffco.k12.co.us 


    You may pay for half at sign up. All shares must be paid for by May 1st.

Acres Farm at Warren Tech | 13300 West 2nd Place Lakewood, CO 80228