Greens: Hardy


Also known as cruciferous veggies, these plants are members of the mustard family and are recognized for their high nutritional value and delicious flavors.


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Barese Chard Heads - a dwarf variety of the commonly known long, tall leafy variety. Their white stems and glossy green leaves have a more delicate, slightly sweeter flavor than tall chard. 


Bright Lights Chard - aka rainbow chard, this is the tall, leafy chard that has pink, orange, yellow and white stems. Delicious, nutritious, and adds some brightness to your plate.


Nutribud brocolli - 2 feet tall, these plants will produce 6- to 8-inch heads. 


Caraflex cabbage - a cone-shaped cabbage with more tender leaves and a more delicate flavor than traditional white cabbage.


 Rubicon Napa Cabbage - Full-size for cooking and kimchee.Firm, 11" tall heads weigh 5 1/2–6 1/2 lb. Blemish-free, deep green leaves and broad, white ribs with a creamy yellow, blanched interior. The flavor is sweet, tangy, juicy, and delicious! Slow bolting. Tolerant to black speck.


Top Bunch Collards - Georgia-type. Early to harvest. Tall, productive plant produces medium green, slightly savoyed leaves.


One seedling in a 2.5" pot.


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