Flowers: Edible


Culinary confetti!


These flowers are delicious and add a punch of color to your meal. To enjoy their flavor, separate the petals from the pistils and stamens, and sprinkle them onto your dish. Try them in salads, add them to rice on your plate, sprinkle over eggs. Edible flowers have a place at every meal.


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Johnny Jump Ups - aka wild pansy, they'll add some purple and yellow and a delicate flavor and texture to your dish


Borage - aka starflower, these gorgeous blue star-shaped herbacious flowers are native to the Mediterranean and just make you smile. They'll add a cucumber flavor to your dish. Try them in dips and salads.


Nasturtium - gets its name from the latin for "nose twist" because of its peppery flavor. These flowers also bring beautiful, bright orange, red and yellow to your dish. Don't stop at the petals either, try the leaves too!


Bachelor Buttons - aka cornflower these plants are known for their signature blue color but can also be found in white and pink varieties. They add a very mild peppery aroma and flavor reminiscent of cloves.


Calendula - aka pot marigolds, their flavor can range from bitter to tangy and even slightly peppery. Often compared to saffron. They have brightly colored orange, deep yellow, and auburn petals.


Sweet Alyssum - named for their lively fragrance, these low growing white-budded flowers are from the mustard family. Their flavor is slightly sweet and peppery.


Dianthus - aka pink and sweet william, these flowers have a pleasantly spicy, floral and clove-like flavor. Their bright magenta color makes them a fun cake-topper. 


Trailing Nasturtium - take your nasturtiumps on an adventure, this trailing variety can climb a trellis or live happily dripping over the edges of a container. 


One seedling in a 2.5" pot.


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