Tomatoes: Dwarfs


Have you ever just picked one off the vine and eaten it like an apple? Give it a try this summer.


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Dwarf Purple Heart- (70 days) determinate The vigorous, rugose, regular leaf plants are among the most spreading and branching of the dwarf varieties. Producing heavy yields of medium to large sized (six to sixteen ounce) heart shaped purple tomatoes. Purple Heart’ has deep crimson flesh with a delicious, well-balanced flavor. Although fairly large, the fruits also ripen relatively early.


Dwarf Arctic Rose- (58-65day) A big giver, this sturdy, rugose-leafed dark green beauty bears pink, 3-7 oz., round to oblate tomatoes. Expect smooth tomatoes with a delicious, balanced flavor. Perfect for containers - only gets about 3' tall. Grown in the open at 8120' it's first year.


Dwarf Tiny Tim- (60day) Grows no more than 18” tall covered with round, bright-red cherry tomatoes. Can be grown in a 6” pot. Plants yield masses of sweet/tart scarlet miniature cherry tomatoes about 2cm in diameter. A perfect salad or snacking tomato. Heirloom miniature cherry tomato variety was introduced by the University of New Hampshire in 1945.


Dwarf "Ontuyok" Duckling- (60day) – Determinate - ‘Utyonok’ is a Russian dwarf variety that means “Duckling”. Compact, determinate plants with regular, rugose leaf foliage, delivers loads of small (1-3 oz.), round orange fruit with a tip. Taste is really good, sweet and a bit of ‘zing’ in the background.


One seedling in a 2.5" pot.


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