Nothing feels more like summer than a cucumber in your water glass. Never let a good one go to waste. They'll keep you hydrated and pack on the nutrients. Keep the crunch in your salad with one of these babies. 


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Lemon Cucumber- (68day) Heavy yields of rounded 3" fruits shaped somewhat like lemons. Colorevolves from pale greenish yellow to lemon yellow to golden yellow. Very crisp and sweet; never gets bitter and one of the best for eating right out of the garden.


Mexican Sour Gherkin- Also known as Cucsmelon, mouse melons (it's grape-sized) or sanditas (“little watermelons” in Spanish), the cute-as-a-button cucamelon is an heirloom native to Mexico and Central America around since


Striped Armenian- (63day) Unique appearance and excellent flavor. Also known as Painted Serpent. Unusual, slightly fuzzy, serpentine fruits are slightly ridged with alternating dark and light green stripes. Harvest from 8-18". Despite its shape, Striped Armenian is not a true cucumber, but is a member of the melon family.


Suyo Long- (61day) Known for its sweet mild burpless flavor, this Asian cucumber grows


Flower blossoms are edible!


One seedling in a 2.5" pot.


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