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Not all bugs are bad! Only about 1% of the worlds insects are considered garden pests. The rest? They're just chillin, hangin' out in your garden, doing their jobs. These are beneficial insects and you want them in your garden. Attract all the good bugs by adding these beneficial plants to your garden.


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Mountain Mint - also known for its herbal medicinal uses, this mint has a hot peppery flavor that lends itself to tea, stews and meat dishes. Beautiful green foilage with short leaves and tiny flowers.


Bells of Ireland - unlike their name suggests, these plants are native to Turkey and Syria and are known for their elegant stalks of nested bell-shaped green petals. Perhaps the name has more to do with their symbolic meaning: luck!


WA Great Nettles - often considered a weed, nettles can be eaten and enjoyed by humans and the beneficial insects they attract. 


German Chamomile - these delicate white flowers look like daisies. The whole blossom can be dried and used to make an herbal tea. 


Spilanthes - perhaps the coolest looking blooms you'll ever see, these plants have thick leaves and dark yellow and maroon ball-like "booms," that hold their seeds. 


Marigold Bolero - a garden staple, this variety brings deep yellow and red color in addition to those happy helpful bugs. 


Marigold Hawaii - this variety of marigold has the traditional fluffy, puffy orange petals.


Bee Balm - (aka Monarda), has been treasured for its beauty, medicinal uses, and pollinator-attracting powers for generations. The spectacular crown-shaped flowers are favorites of hummingbirds and butterflies. Already well-known to the Native Americans, this gorgeous bloom was one of the first wildflowers to be adopted into the perennial gardens of the early settlers.


One seedling in a 2.5" pot.


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