Mmmm, eggplant! There's a bunch of ways to eat them beyond well-known Italian cuisine. Simply dicing and sauteeing with some fresh cut herbs on top make eggplant a delicious sidedish. You could also explore the deliciousness of roasted eggplant that is well-known in Israeli and Lebanese cuisine. Roast, smush up the sides with salt, peper and a dash of lemon juice for a treat!


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Annina- (65day) Spineless purple-striped Italian type. Glossy variegated eggplant with attractive teardrop shape. Avg. 7-8" long by 3-4" diameter.


Rosa Bianca- (73day) Pink and white Italian heirloom. Round, 4-6" long by 5-7" diameter fruit streaked with white and violet. Plump and variably ribbed. Mild, creamy taste. This traditional Italian variety is best adapted to regions with warm nights. Expect low yields in cool areas. Green calyx. Organically grown.


Traviata- (70day) Traditional Black Italian type. Glossy black fruits in the classic bell shape, 5 1/2-6 1/2" long by 3-3 1/2" diameter. Good flavor. Green calyx.


One seedling in a 2.5" pot.


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