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Lilia Red Scallion - A beautiful, red scallion / salad / spring onion with tall, dark green tops. Red color develops early. Flavor is not as pungent as one would expect for a red onion; its mildness is well-suited for raw/fresh use. Bright red/purple color is very pretty in the field, the market booth, and on the plate.


Parade Green Onion - Bunching onion.Parade has bright white shanks with no bulbing, and dark green, erect foliage. Very uniform, upright growth makes for easy harvest and cleaning.


Walla Wallla sets - (125day) (pkg of 5) Juicy, sweet yellow onion.


Red Wing sets - (118day) (pkg of 5) Uniform, large onions with deep red color. Thick skin, very hard bulbs for long storage.


Conservor Shallot - (110day) (pkg 5) Try these fresh...notably the best fresh onion! 


Multiple plant sets.

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